Monday, June 18, 2007

Oil in Ghana, be carefull!

Oil companies have been exporting Oil out of West and Central Africa for years. Now the country of Ghana can finally say it will be a net exporter of this Black Gold. We all know that Oil is in great demand around the world and countries have used this commodity to help with development.

I just hope when the oil starts flowing the Government of Ghana doesn't abuse it's new source of revenue.

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  2. The only way Ghana can benefit from this discovery is to control it entirely. Ghana cannot afford to have these western oil companies drill from our shores and give us a part of the profit. Every bit of the operation should be in Ghanaian hands. If we lack anything; be it the technical knowhow or equipment, we should invest in that. Africans must control African resources. There aren't any African companies controlling oil companies in the West. This is my only concern about this discovery.


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