Friday, December 18, 2009

Country Home - African consumer foods company

Country-Home Food Products is a World Bank assisted Project located at Koforidua, the Capital of Eastern Region of Ghana. The company which is a privately wholly-owned Ghanaian limited Liability Company incorporated on 18th June 1981 to go into the processing and canning of vegetables, fruits, and other related products. The company’s first batch of products went on sales display at the Kingsway Stores in Accra.

Kasahorow - Propagating technical standards for African languages


Kasahorow is a project spearheaded by a Suuch Solutions (a Ghanaian company) to bring Africa’s languages alive. Kasahorow brings together editors and contributors from all over Africa to help create dictionaries for African languages.

Kasahorow is a commercial project but it has several of its end products being open source. Kasahorow also brings African languages into the mainstream by releasing add ons and plugins for open source software and technologies.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Broadstreet Lagos - web based research portal on Nigerian securities

From site:

BroadStreetLagos.Com – is APL’s web based research portal on Nigerian securities. It is a consolidation of publicly available information on all tradable asset classes; equities, fixed income and unit trusts. The portal allows users who register, access to all aspects of the site for free for a limited period. Features on the site are a screening function which allows users to search for securities that meet their selected investment criteria. Portfolio creation and tracking feature is also available. Summary profiles and historical financial and price information is available on over 100 equities, 59 FGN Bonds and 15 unit trusts.

Privaty Equity fund manager in in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana

ManoCap - Investing for Growth
About ManCap
ManoCap is a private equity fund manager that operates in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana. We invest in the SME space, looking at expansions, MBOs, pre-IPO and venture capital transactions that have a clear exit. Our investments are in the $500,000 to $5,000,000 range in equity or quasi-equity instruments. We may take a controlling or minority stake depending on the particular needs of the business shareholders and managers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absolute furnishing limited - African furniture company

From Site
Absolute Furnishings Limited manufactures a wide range of high quality hotel, office, school; and home furniture as well as home accessories. We have furnished some of the finest homes, hotels and offices in the country.

Our beautiful world class furniture is produced in wood, wrought iron, rattan, cane, a mixture of rattan or cane with wrought iron and rattan with wood, massive wood and carved massive wood. All these are expertly crafted and finished in exotic, classic and contemporary designs making our range of furniture the ultimate for both indoors and outdoors.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haute - African fashion magazine

HauTe is a 100+ page fashion magazine. It features the works of African designers all around the world, exhibiting a taste for the cultural tempered with an appreciation of the varied degrees of influence by the west in today's fashion.

Play Made energy - renewable electricity to schools

About PlayMade Energy
PlayMade Energy’s mission is to bring renewable electricity to schools in the developing world through the fun of play. The Energee-Saw is a simple and fun see-saw which generates renewable electricity as a by-product of play. The Energee-Saw is currently in final development following further testing in Malawi during 2009.

Monday, October 26, 2009

OPIC - Global Technology and Innovation Fund

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation ("OPIC") is inviting proposals from qualified private equity fund managers for the formation and management of one or more investment funds (“funds”) that plan to invest in a wide variety of companies or projects that provide access to technologies in the OPIC-eligible countries. OPIC will provide financing ranging between $25 million and $150 million in total capital for each selected fund.

Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project - award for social innovation in wireless

About the Wireless Innovation Project™

The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ designed the Wireless Innovation Project™ as a competition to promote innovation and increase implementation of wireless related technology for a better world. To that end, Vodafone Americas Foundation’s Wireless Innovation Project™ is providing up to $600,000 in awards to support projects of exceptional promise that meet the criteria described in the Eligibility Criteria section. After successful completion of the Project last year, we are excited to launch the second Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project™. We will be accepting proposals from October 5, 2009 through February 1, 2010.

Aboubakar Fofana - Mali design house

Today, Aboubakar Fofana reinterprets this blue magic, infusing it with a new vitality and a contemporary aesthetic. Inspired to preserve his cultural heritage and the health of the planet, he creates sublime, limited edition designs on organic fabrics for interior décor and fashion. Aboubakar Fofana expresses his passion in a nuanced blue palette. Each hue echoes a unique and profound emotion. Each creation evokes a soulful sensuality and timeless serenity.

GO Ingenuity Award - awarded to artists, inventors, and small business entrepreneurs

GO Ingenuity Award

Sharing Invention & Innovation with Youth
Launched at Maker Faire Africa 2009, Accra, Ghana

The GO Ingenuity Award (GIA) is awarded to artists, inventors, and small business entrepreneurs to stimulate the next generation of "makers." Building on the momentum of Maker Faire Africa, GO Campaign will award one-year, one-time fellowship grants to individual applicants who are eager to share their skills with marginalized youth in developing countries in ways that educate and inspire youth to harness their own ingenuity. The GIA emphasizes the sharing of innovative artistry and technology in informal, hands-on learning workshops in places where youth already gather.


GO Campaign will award a maximum of five GO Ingenuity Awards per year in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,500 each. Award recipients are required to hold a minimum of 3 youth workshops at schools, orphanages, or youth organizations within 6 months of receiving the Award. Youth is defined as ages 25 and under.

Recipients will be required to sign an agreement with GO which will include a disbursement and reporting schedule based on the nature and timing of the workshops. The agreement will include recipients' requirements to:

  • Submit a brief narrative progress report after the first workshop including how funds received from GO have been spent
  • Submit a final comprehensive report with photos and narrative of the workshops, including letters from teachers, youth group leaders and feedback from attending youth
  • A budget and supporting collateral detailing how all the funds were spent

Winners will be profiled on the GO Campaign website and in media outlets at GO Campaign's sole discretion.

Applications for the 2010 GIA are due by December 1, 2009.

How to Apply

In completing the application, Artists, Inventors and Small Business Entrepreneurs are asked to submit a description and photo of their product/invention/craftwork, a timeline when the workshops will be held (all workshops must be completed by July 31, 2010), and a detailed line-item budget proposal of how the Award will be used. Budgets should include any necessary program development, promotion, supplies, transportation costs, as well as a stipend for the applicant. Applicant must clearly identify schools, orphanages or youth organizations where workshops will be held. Applicants must demonstrate potential and relative impact of product/invention/craftwork to be considered.

GO Campaign strongly encourages applicants to collaborate with non-profits, community-based organizations and local businesses to complete the application and, if selected as an Award recipient, conduct the workshops.

Gone Rural Swaziland - African high-end décor products

Gone Rural embraces the vitality and artistic spirit of women living in rural Swaziland to create innovative, high-end décor products for discerning clients. Inspired by the vision of designer Philippa Thorne, indigenous grass has been transformed into a global sensation. Gone Rural’s range has been featured by leading magazines, such as Elle Decoration, and imparts a fresh elegance to homes and chic boutiques around the world.

Citadel Capital - African private equity firm

From Site:

Citadel Capital is a private equity firm based in Cairo. Majority controlled by its senior management and employees, Citadel Capital makes control private equity investments in the Middle East and North Africa and has more than US$ 8.3 billion in investments under control, spanning 19 Platform Companies in 14 industries across 12 countries.

Monday, October 5, 2009

2010 MIF competition for innovative financial solutions

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank will co-host an international Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development (2010 MIF) to be held in Paris on March, 4-5 2010.

The 2010 MIF will be dedicated to smart, fine-tuned, innovative financial mechanisms for mobilizing, channeling, and spending funds for development issues. The event will bring together development practioners, donors, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, academics, representatives from across a range of financial institutions and policy makers to exchange experience and ideas on innovative development finance solutions. The event will be structured around workshops and a marketplace where innovators can showcase their initiatives and projects. The main objectives of the event are to:

The main objectives of the event are to:
  • advance the agenda on innovative financial solutions for development;
  • facilitate knowledge sharing and learning, including South/South learning, on innovative financial solutions for development, what works and what doesn’t , and how to design solutions to maximize development impact and cost-effectiveness; and
  • spur the evolution of cutting-edge projects that apply innovative financial mechanisms to development challenges.

The Competition

A key feature of the 2010 MIF will be a competition to garner and highlight fresh ideas on how innovative financing mechanisms can be used to solve development challenges at the local, country, regional, or global levels, with the goal that successful innovations can be scaled up and replicated.
The winners will be awarded pilot grants of up to US$100,000 to assist them in the implementation of their proposals.

Proposals are welcomed from all organizations involved in innovative finance focused on development, including financial institutions, private-sector companies, social enterprises, non-governmental and civil society organizations, government agencies, universities and other academic organizations, foundations, and development organizations. Guidelines and application forms can be accessed on the 2010 MIF website:

Proposals must be submitted by November 15th 2009.

For further informations, please contact:

Arts in Africa - one stop portal about arts in Africa

From Site:

The objective of this website is to be a one stop portal for information about the arts in Africa listed by country as well as discipline. It includes information on UNESCO branches, Funding Agencies, E-newsletters, Cultural Policy, Creative Industries, Events, Conferences, Training Institutions and civil society organisations among others.

Global Mamas - handmade apparel

From site:
Global Mamas enhances the international marketplace with unique, high quality, handmade apparel, and at the same time provides sustainable livelihoods for women and girls in Africa.

Global Mama’s reduces the economic inequality of women by significantly increasing the revenues and profits of woman-owned businesses in Africa. This in turn increases employee wages, generates new jobs and improves the standard of living. We believe that helping women gain economic independence is the most effective way to reduce dependence on foreign aid and steadily create a prosperous society.

BHF Magazine - African fashion

From site:
BHF magazine is an exciting and dynamic new African Lifestyle Magzine. With a boldness and eged, the likes of which has never been seen before, this quartely publication is the brainchild of visionary entreprenurial power couple Geoffrey and Jennifer Olisa.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Agri-Vie - Africa Agribusiness investment fund

From Site:

Agri-Vie is a private equity investment fund focused on agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The fund’s mission is to generate an above average investment return, as well as demonstrable socio-economic development impacts through equity investments in agribusinesses.

The fund’s vision is to be a catalyst for sustainable growth through investing in one of the foundation sectors of Africa’s economies. The fund seeks to realise this vision through deploying development capital and management know-how according to sound investment and business principles.

Oliberte - African shoe startup

Oliberté is the first footwear company to make urban shoes exclusively in Africa - based on Fairtrade principles.

Headquarted in Canada, Oliberte has launched the first international footwear company to work exclusively in Africa. Designs for men and women shoes are urban-casual inspired and sold online ( and in select stores this Fall in Canada and the United States. Initial styles include ROVIA (Men) and ELIKA (Women) and have colourful pop with Oliberte`s signatures including thin crepe rubber soles and circles throughout designs.

Canoe Magazine - African lifestyle magazine

From Site:
CANOE is inspired to celebrate Africa’s evolving culture and lifestyle. It is a creative initiative by 7 entrepreneurs endeavoured to correct the image of Africa, predict growing trends and portray positively, the continent and its people. The result is a conservative, sexy template, heralding the rebirth of Afro-cool. CANOE seeks to guide ‘Black Diamonds and Pearls’ [your Afro-bourgeois]: Principally, in luxury trends and laudable knowledge through exposure - the power with which they can augment their lives and secure an exceptional lifestyle with a sense of pride and knowledge of self. CANOE is not hesitant to show success through extravagance as a merit of prosperity; but to create a lust, a passion for the rewarding things in life. Sail with us to see the new Africa.

Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 US - Africa Business Summit - Washington, DC, Sept 29 - Oct 1

Conference website

The African continent continues to show potential as a leading foreign direct investment destination for American businesses, despite the economic downturn nations around the globe are currently experiencing. According to the IMF, Africa is still expected to maintain a positive growth rate of 3.4% for 2009, an impressive achievement for the continent. The continent is seeing increasingly higher levels of investment in industries such as infrastructure, financing, tourism, agribusiness, health, and energy.

What an important time for your business to explore investments in some of the world's key emerging markets. Partnerships between U.S. and African businesses will be formed, during The Corporate Council on Africa’s (CCA) 2009 U.S.-Africa Business Summit. Businesses of all sizes, representing various industries will be in attendance, eager to find new opportunities to grow and positively impact their bottom line.

Join CCA and more than 1,500 of the private and public sector's top leaders to find out about business and investment opportunities in Africa, the very place where some of today's major business deals are taking place.

When: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - Thursday, October 1, 2009
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20001

Vittana - P2P student micro lending

From their site:

We partner with microfinance institutions (MFIs) throughout the developing world to support and catalyze new student lending programs. By connecting you to students, we enable our MFI partners to raise the right kind of capital to work with more and more students. Each student that appears on our website is a real student and not marketing material.

We believe that the biggest waste in the world is not oil or food or, really, any other material thing — but, rather, human potential.

CollaborAid - knowledge sharing of aid resources

From their site:
We aspire to increase the efficiency and sustainability of aid projects by making it easy for the diverse actors in the development community to connect, collaborate, and share information.

The impact of development aid falls far short of its potential. Inefficient practices are systemic due to a disconnect between development organizations, obstacles to sustained learning, limited insight into localized needs, and a failure to promote capacity building amongst indigenous stakeholders.

Aventura investment partners

Aventura invests in early-stage investments in rural Africa. Specifically, the Fund addresses the challenges facing rural agricultural communities in Africa in a new, innovative way and is dedicated to investing in and promoting African entrepreneurs and managers.

Tebazile - African Jewelry house

About Tebazile
Tebazile is an African jewelry house, their style stems from a combination of color and textures of traditional West African and European motifs...says owner/designer, Elizabeth Dankaro

Storm 360 - West Africa entertainment company

About Storm 360
Storm 360 is a leading entertainment company in West Africa. Firmly at the forefront of the booming entertainment sector in this region, Storm 360 operates within a multi-platform, multi-purpose media space which makes them uniquely able to deliver genuine 360 degree content solutions to their clients.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Blue Skies - Agribusiness in Africa and other emerging markets

Blues Skies employs 2000 people in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil and supplies to a variety of customers including some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Their business includes producing and packaging fruits into juices and other by-products to the global markets.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kelele - African bloggers conference

What is Kelele?

Kelele is an annual African bloggers’ conference held in a different African city each year and run by an organising committee in that city. Kelele will be held for the first time in October 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why Kelele?
Kelele is the Kiswahili word for noise.

We are organising a gathering of African bloggers in the tradition of historical African societies where everyone has a voice. With too many voices marginalised or simply ignored in African society today for a variety of reasons, we believe that the internet in general and grassroots media tools such as blogs in particular represent the most powerful way in which to give Africans back their voice. We are gathering to make a powerful, positive, inspirational noise that will be heard across the continent and beyond. KELELE!

The specific theme of Kelele ’09 Nairobi is Beat Your Drum – which connects the traditional African method of getting your message across vast distances – the talking drums – to the 21st century and the tools we use today, blogs and the Internet. We anticipate that this conference will continue to be called Kelele wherever it is held. For example Kelele Nairobi ’09, Kelele Accra ’10, Kelele Cairo ’11 and so on.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Care Solar - Dr. Laura Stachel

From site:

Our Mission

WE CARE SOLAR promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, blood bank refrigeration and mobile communication using solar electricity.


We originally designed a photovoltaic system to power lighting, medical equipment, a blood bank refrigerator, and communication equipment in a major municipal hospital in Northern Nigeria. We installed this system in early 2009.

Our emergency obstetric PV system powers the following:

  • Overhead surgical lighting in areas of critical need such as the operating room and labor and delivery
  • Mobile telecommunications between hospital staff and on-call physicians
  • Existing on-site surgical equipment that is currently underutilized
  • A blood bank refrigerator that utilizes DC electricity
  • Battery chargers that power LED headlamps for night duty workers

Spaceloon - Africa consortium for near space communication

From site:

Spaceloon was created as the common face of a consortium of companies operating in Africa that seeks a cheaper than satellite approach to communication. Our target is to provide ubiquitous wireless coverage to Africa at the cheapest price possible. We believe the time is now to deploy such spacial technology to enable the continent to leap frog into the 21st century.

Mecene investment - socially responsible investments in Africa

Mecene Investment is a Private Equity Advisory Firm that specializes in socially responsible investments in Africa.

The company draws on its successful private equity experience in African microfinance industry to promote equity and debt investments in industries that provide high social, environmental and developmental impact.

Advans - acccess to finance in emerging markets

Advans SA's mission is to build a network of financial institutions in developing and emerging countries offering loans, deposits and other standard financial services to MSMEs which have limited or no access to formal banking services. These institutions are commonly known as microfinance institutions (MFIs) or microbanks when they are licensed as banks.

Building Zambikes in Zambia - Video


Mission: To provide high quality bicycles and educational training to underprivileged and service based Zambians.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aqua Port - easy transportation of Water

From Site

The Aquaport is a modular design that allows the user to attach and detach different parts of the device depending upon the amount the user can pull. Each part can be filled individually, and has a handle attached for easy carrying. The device will be pushed like the Hippo Roller. Due to its modular nature it can be broke into smaller pieces for storage and distribution.

Aqua Port

Capri Capital Partners

Capri Capital Partners focuses on real estate and infrastructure investments in Emerging Markets. They have a portfolio of $4 billion for investments.

Africa Sustainable Energy - Solarix launches Sustainer

The Sustainer is a unique solution to produce fuel and electricity in remote rural areas, for example in the African countryside where only 5 to 20 percent of the population have electricity. In many of these situations, access to energy would facilitate development, higher productivity and better education. Moreover, locally available resources can be used instead of expensive imports.

Bikes made out of Bamboo & Carbon Fiber

Calfee Design is working towards assisting entrepreneurs in the developing world to make their own bicycles out of locally sourced bamboo. The reasons to do this are so strong that it would be foolish not to try:

  1. Bicycles are in great demand as a major labor savings device. Transporting water, people, food and other items is six times more efficient.
  2. Bamboo bikes cost less than inferior imported steel bikes.
  3. Bamboo is plentiful and does not need to be imported as a raw material. Bamboo is easy to grow and can be cultivated in dry areas with minimal irrigation.
  4. Bamboo bikes require a significant amount of labor to produce, providing skilled employment and an apprenticeship model that helps youth find opportunity.
  5. Bamboo bicycle production is not easily done in large factories. This keeps large industrialized countries from getting into the business and competing on an unfair level.
  6. Making Bamboo bikes does not require electricity or a large investment in equipment.

Solar cooker in use Maasai Mara via Afrigadget blog

Maasai using a solar cooker via Afrigadget blog

Solar cooker in use Maasai Mara

I didn’t believe it possible but I found this lady actually using a solar cooker in the Masai Mara!

Mama solar cooker

Mama solar cooker

Made only of cardboard and tin foil this cooker fold up into a neat little package. It apparently cooks potatoes and cabbage in just 1 hour!

She told me that she got it as part of a study - one solar cooker was given to every manyatta. She couldn’t rememer which organization was handing them out but she has adapted hers by putting her pot into a plastic bag which she says retains the heat better. She says she’ll continue using the solar cooker after the study and will even buy one at Ksh 1,000.

She still has a 3 stone wood fire to cook meat.

I wonder what happens to this device when it rains…does the cardboard become a sodden mess?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zeep Travel - Nigerian Online Travel portal

From Site:
Our portal provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel deals and services. features airline tickets, hotel reservations, private transfers and many other travel services from a broad selection of partners addressing different consumer needs like families and individuals booking a summer vacation to corporates arranging a business trip. partners include major International and Local Airlines operating in Nigeria like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France/KLM, Qatar Airlines, South African Airlines, Virgin Nigeria, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and more. also provides over 45000 hotels globally at discounted rates.

African Agricultural Capital - AAC

From Site:
African Agricultural Capital (AAC) is a leading agribusiness-focused investment fund in Africa that delivers positive financial returns to its investors, supports its investees through the provision of affordable and flexible capital, and has a high social and development impact on smallholder farmers and rural economies, thereby encouraging greater investment in the agriculture sector.

Friday, May 22, 2009

TeleMed Africa

TeleMed Africa will be the first low cost medical service enabling millions of sub-Saharan Africans to access timely, affordable, and professional diagnosis and advice. By leveraging existing mobile technologies and infrastructure, TeleMed Africa is advancing the front lines of healthcare.


Aquada Development Corporation is in the business of developing and managing property and communities for residential, commercial, and recreational use. They undertake large developments as well as small individual projects.

Txteagle - transcription service via SMS

Digital Planet
Alka Marwaha
BBC World Service

Txteagle is making it possible for many people in countries like Kenya to earn small amounts of money by completing simple tasks like translations or transcriptions.

Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" similarly divides up tasks but Txteagle differs in that it distributes them via text messages over mobile phones, which have a higher penetration rate - particularly in the developing world.

SHE - Sustainable Health Enterprises

SHE intends to fulfill girls’ and women’s unmet need by helping local women in developing countries jump-start their own businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable, quality, and eco-friendly sanitary pads. SHE will look to use local raw materials, instead of all imported materials, to ensure affordability and accessibility.

banana fiberSHE will couple its product innovation with a financially sustainable business model operated and owned by women in the community that can be replicated wherever the need exists. SHE will instigate the launch of a local business by

  • Partnering with existing local women’s networks;
  • Ensuring a microfinance loan for women who will share start-up costs;
  • Training local group in necessary business skills and health and hygiene.

African Digital Art

African Digital Art is an online collective, a creative space, where digital artist, enthusiasts and professionals can seek inspiration, showcase their artistry and connect with emerging artists.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wired Magazine - Students Build a Nano For Africa

Photos: Dr. Yasin Naku Ziraba

Eleven Ugandan college students believe they can bring affordable transportation to rural Africa with a home-grown, dirt-cheap car assembled from farm equipment.

The prototype of the "Poor Man’s Car" isn’t much to look at, fashioned as it is from sheet metal, wood seats and a diesel engine pulled from a corn mill, but the design and materials would be refined should the car ever see production. Moses Sebulime and his classmates at Makerere University believe the utilitarian runabout could bring mobility to the masses, much like the Tata Nano.

Zambeef - Zambia agribusiness

Zambeef Products PLC is one of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and the region, involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chickens, eggs, milk and dairy products throughout Zambia and Nigeria.

The company is also one of the largest cropping operations in Africa with 2,700 hectares under irrigation and a further 1,500 hectares of dry land crops.

Pen + Bytes - promoting journalism through ICT

From Site:
International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Journalism (PenPlusBytes) is a registered company limited by guarantee since 18th July 2001. PenPlusBytes seeks to empower the media through the use of ICTs to advance the work of journalism. It consists of a network of media organizations and journalists interested in using ICTs effectively to advance the course of journalism. We have trained over 100 journalists from various parts of Africa and across the globe in cutting edge new media technologies and contemporary ICT issues.

Thomro Investments - Zambia Biofuel production

Thomro Investments Limited is among the few pioneer companies in Zambia promoting and engaging in the development of biofuels industry in Zambia. The main plant for biofuel production comes from Jathropa. Thomro also offers consultancy services and training in order to improve the performance of operations in the industry.
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