Wednesday, October 10, 2007

African countries strive for outsourcing business

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There is a great article on outsourcing in Africa by Offshoring Times. As soon as we get redundent communications infrastructure: fiber optics, microwave or other emerging technology Africa can then be an international player.

Most recently, the government of Nigeria has decided to put together a national strategy for an official Outsourcing industry. The government is also looking at building educational institutions focused on ITES, or BPO market. There will be a time when the Indians outsourcers, the Wipros, Tata's and Infosys will be outsourcing back-office work to Africa. The Indians are already setting up show in Mauritius because of the close colonial ties to that country.

From Outsourcing Times: African countries strive for outsourcing business

The South Africa is vying to bring in more of business processing outsourcing (BPO) on the continent, and other countries are also following to attract more of this business.

There are common factor in the African continent is the language skills, time zone/geographical location and an underemployed workforce with resulting low labor costs. But among all these the only real competitor to them in the BPO sector is Egypt.

Egypt at present has 4,000 agent positions and is estimated to grow to 12,000 in 2012, according to a technology analyst with consultancy Datamonitor PLC.

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