Friday, July 25, 2008

Tracks 4 Africa - Mapping Africa, one day at a time

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From their site:

Behind this web site there is a large community of eco-users from all over the world who share in four common things:

  • a passion for Africa and its preservation, its awesome natural beauty and the diversity of its peoples.
  • the need for a super accurate and reliable GPS navigation system to take you to the many interesting and fascinating destinations in Africa.
  • the need for INFORMATION. To learn new facts about old things. To change the way we interact with environment and INFORMATION needed not to expose oneself, travel companions, assets and environment to unnecessary risks.
  • the need to know where tourist dollars are spend, it *MUST* make a difference at ground zero, to the local peoples and to environment.

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    1. Finally!
      A blog worth reading on forward until the end! :) I really admire the wording in this blog, quite precise to the details but I just might change one or two things, never-the-less, bravo on well choiced words mate.. p.s.>> Thanks for sharing, I actually picked up some knowledge on this one :)
      -Have an amazing day!


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