Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fablab Kenya - small scale workshop manufacturing

About Fablab Kenya
A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small scale workshop with the tools to make almost anything. This includes technology-enabled products generally perceived as limited to mass production.

Fab Lab will empower individuals to create smart devices for themselves. These devices can be tailored to local or personal needs in ways that are practical and economical.

The Fab Lab program is part of the MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) which broadly explores how the content of information relates to its physical representation.

ARO Fablab Kenya West will finally be launched in September 2008. Three students: Vigdis, Apondi and Tom, all from ARC Kenya are now studying at the Fablab Norway to learn the basics and the tools in the lab that will easen their work when ARO Fablab Kenya West is finally lauched.

ARO Fablab Kenya West will mainly be an educational center and anybody who feels like using the lab will do that without restrictions unless otherwise.

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  1. MIT balling as usual.

    They had a FabLab in takoradi too, don't know if it's still there.


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