Monday, October 26, 2009

GO Ingenuity Award - awarded to artists, inventors, and small business entrepreneurs

GO Ingenuity Award

Sharing Invention & Innovation with Youth
Launched at Maker Faire Africa 2009, Accra, Ghana

The GO Ingenuity Award (GIA) is awarded to artists, inventors, and small business entrepreneurs to stimulate the next generation of "makers." Building on the momentum of Maker Faire Africa, GO Campaign will award one-year, one-time fellowship grants to individual applicants who are eager to share their skills with marginalized youth in developing countries in ways that educate and inspire youth to harness their own ingenuity. The GIA emphasizes the sharing of innovative artistry and technology in informal, hands-on learning workshops in places where youth already gather.


GO Campaign will award a maximum of five GO Ingenuity Awards per year in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,500 each. Award recipients are required to hold a minimum of 3 youth workshops at schools, orphanages, or youth organizations within 6 months of receiving the Award. Youth is defined as ages 25 and under.

Recipients will be required to sign an agreement with GO which will include a disbursement and reporting schedule based on the nature and timing of the workshops. The agreement will include recipients' requirements to:

  • Submit a brief narrative progress report after the first workshop including how funds received from GO have been spent
  • Submit a final comprehensive report with photos and narrative of the workshops, including letters from teachers, youth group leaders and feedback from attending youth
  • A budget and supporting collateral detailing how all the funds were spent

Winners will be profiled on the GO Campaign website and in media outlets at GO Campaign's sole discretion.

Applications for the 2010 GIA are due by December 1, 2009.

How to Apply

In completing the application, Artists, Inventors and Small Business Entrepreneurs are asked to submit a description and photo of their product/invention/craftwork, a timeline when the workshops will be held (all workshops must be completed by July 31, 2010), and a detailed line-item budget proposal of how the Award will be used. Budgets should include any necessary program development, promotion, supplies, transportation costs, as well as a stipend for the applicant. Applicant must clearly identify schools, orphanages or youth organizations where workshops will be held. Applicants must demonstrate potential and relative impact of product/invention/craftwork to be considered.

GO Campaign strongly encourages applicants to collaborate with non-profits, community-based organizations and local businesses to complete the application and, if selected as an Award recipient, conduct the workshops.

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