Thursday, April 8, 2010

Village Reach & VidaGas in Mozambique

VillageReach’s model improves access to healthcare by providing a logistics platform to facilitate delivery of medical supplies and by starting and managing social businesses to improve local infrastructure.

Creation of social businesses to fill critical infrastructure gaps is a fundamental part of VillageReach’s model. VidaGas is VillageReach’s pilot social business program that fills the requirement for safe, clean, affordable energy with broad market appeal. In 2002, VillageReach and its local partner, Mozambique Foundation for Community Development (FDC), established VidaGas to provide critical propane fuel services to rural health centers operated by the Mozambique Ministry of Health.

  • Largest volume propane provider in northern Mozambique with an annual delivery of approximately 300 tons
  • Supplies more than 260 remote health centers supporting a population of approximately 5 million
  • A reliable and profitable market supplier, reaching an expanding customer base of households and businesses including hospitality, tourism and light industry
  • Recognized by the World Bank Development Marketplace and UNDP World Business Award

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