Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mobius Motors - affordable transporation for developing markets

Mobius Motors sells affordable vehicles designed specifically for the needs of developing world consumers. They aim to change millions of lives by providing the appropriate transport to mobilise rural Africa.

From Site:
Mobius Motors designs, manufactures and sells highly functional, highly affordable vehicles as a transportation platform empowering local entrepreneurs to mobilise the developing world. 

We empower entrepreneurial buyers with business advice and financing to use their Mobius cars as a platform to operate limitless transport services to lower income end-users. The range of business-in-a-box services is vast from public transport, to mobile medical care, to consumer goods distribution. These endogenous businesses will create systemic change in the capacity and utility of Africa’s transport network, connecting the continent to hospitals, schools, markets and employment in even the most remote rural areas. Our vision is a more mobile, more prosperous Africa.

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