Friday, January 12, 2007

Africa Outsourcing

Over the years I've spoken at conferences and seminars about Outsourcing in Africa and
other developing markets. It's not a question if Africa will grow as an Outsourcing destination, it's a when. Right now outsourcing in Africa is minuscule at best compared to the likes of India, Philippines or Russia.

Here are some key things Africa needs to grow into a outsourcing destination.

1. We need redundant and reliable Internet broadband infrastructure.
ex. Eassy fiber cable and SAT-3 cable are starters, also we need more Internet

2. We need the Diaspora to come back and start building the Infosys, Wipro's and Tata's of

3. We need Governments to earmark or allocate IT parks or Tax free zones only for science, Hi-tech or outsourcing related businesses.

4. We need more IT education, we simply lack this right now. Africa needs more programmers in Java, html, and other related IT fields.

5. Last but not least, we need to change or mind-set or frame of vision. Nations are not built
overnight, nor can we always depend on the government for handouts. Entrepreneurs are the
ones that build markets and nations. America was built by industrialists and business men!


  1. Well, you did not mention power as a major problem. I did try to blog some on this.

  2. Power...goes without saying. Trust me if you get a multi-million dollar contract from a outsourcer, you'll find a power source. The government will probably even help you get power if you are generating jobs.

    However, your absolutely right. Electricity is a must for development.



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