Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Batswadi Pharmaceuticals

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Batswadi Pharmaceuticals (PTY) Ltd is a newly established black empowered, innovative company with a focus on biotechnology, founded to leverage the unmet needs of the South African pharmaceutical market.

Founded in the spring of 2005 by CEO, Christopher Whitfield, Batswadi (meaning parent in Tswana) aims to increase Africa’s access to innovative products, diagnostics, devices and services.

To ensure that it achieves these aims, it has entered into strategic partnerships with key players that will not only see it deliver economic benefits to its shareholders but simultaneously increase the African people’s access to innovative products and technologies.

Its four core business units: pharmaceutical sales, biotechnology, clinical research and consumer health, are staffed by a team of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of excellence in the execution of its strategic intent.

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