Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Timbuktu Chronicles - Afrika! Afrika!

Emeka Okafor at Timbuktu Chronicles reports on Afrika! Afrika!. An African version of Cirque du Soleil.

Afrika! Afrika!

Cultural capital can be of inestimable value if harnessed and nurtured. The acclaim and success of Andre Heller's Afrika! Afrika! described as an African Cirque du Soleil is further testament to the potency of the continents less tangible and undervalued human resources .Charles Spencer of the Telegraph writes:
The show's Viennese-born creator André Heller and his team scoured the length and breadth of Africa for two years looking for the best dancers, musicians, variety performers and circus acts they could find.They ended up with more than 100 artists from 17 African nations and have put them together in a show that leaves one feeling both breathless and elated.


  1. That definately be quite a show, im proud of the diversity and rich culture that Africa contains.....a must see event!

  2. Yes, I hear it's a wonderful show. Thanks for comments.


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