Friday, June 27, 2008

African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum (ABSF)

ABSF aims to create an enabling environment in which Africa can participate and benefit from biotechnology in a responsible and sustainable manner. The association, through the dissemination of information, aims to enhance the understanding and awareness.

    • To provide a forum for sharing and exchanging experiences and practices in biotechnology with a view of strengthening its application for increased food security, health improvement, poverty alleviation, industrialization and environmental conservation in Africa.
    • To improve public understanding of biotechnology through provision of accurate and balanced information to consumers, media and policy makers to ensure that biotechnology is accurately represented at all levels of society.
    • To explore innovative and appropriate biotechnology applications and facilitate their adoption and use in sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Africa.
    • To create capacity for information generation, dissemination and wise use of biotechnology.
    • To facilitate research, development, education and training on biotechnology as well as policy and infrastructure development for meeting Africa’s needs in biotechnology.

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