Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School Net - Africa Education Knowledge Warehouse

The African Education Knowledge Warehouse (AEKW) is a pan-African education portal which services African SchoolNet practitioners, policymakers and school-based communities on ICTs in education across Africa.

Home: SchoolNet Africa information and website tools.
SchoolNet Centre: SchoolNet Centre has tools and resources to support national SchoolNets.
Policy Centre: The Policy Centre provides resources and studies to support policy development on ICT integration in education.
Learner Centre: The learner centre house resources for learners and provides space for networking and collaboration among young people.
African Teachers Centre: The meeting place for the African Teachers Network.
Gender Watch: Gender watch houses gender and ICTs related resources and captures voices of women and girls using ICTs for their advancement.
Innovation Watch: Innovations and Innovator to inspire learners and educators in using ICTs for Education
Campaigns: Take part in our One million computers for African Schools campaign!

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