Monday, September 22, 2008

Banking the Unbanked: Going Mobile in Africa

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From African Executive

Home to nearly a billion people, the 54 countries that make up the African continent are ushering in an era of liberty, democracy, and robust economic development. An important partner in this growth is mobile telephony.

The mobile phone is having a dramatic effect on the lives of Africans and is proving to be a life transforming device.

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  1. Very glad this is now getting to a few African countries and will eventually be across the continent. In AP (Asia Pacific)clients are able to receive western union gifts from family abroad on their cell phones, then can go shopping anywhere. By entering a vendors number and confirming they are able to make payment anywhere anytime. The vendor gets confirmation on their cell phone also and hand over the merchandise within minutes. The comfort of knowing the money is in their bank account. It beats having to carry money around. Great article.


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