Friday, September 12, 2008

Micro Clinic - accelerating accessible healthcare in Africa

Following a franchise business model that combines ownership with proven operating, marketing, and distribution standards, MicroClinic empowers community health nurses to own and grow their own MicroClinic.

MicroClinic says it will offer standardized operating practices and consistent levels of quality and care, building community acceptance and awareness while creating interest and demand for additional MicroClinics to serve new communities.
This unique hybrid model will work well for the Bottom of the Pyramid consumers in Africa.

More about Micro Clinic

MicroClinic enables community-based, entrepreneurial nurse/franchisees to own and operate their own businesses while providing essential basic health services to rural communities. To support its franchisees and insure a culture of consistency, MicroClinic provides business consulting and disease protocol through initial and on-going training sessions, field visits, meetings, and regular communications. The MicroClinic focus is:

1. Wellness, not sickness.
2. Prevention, not just treatment of ailments.
3. Responsiveness to public health needs.

MicroClinic extends the principles of social franchising with existing partnerships with the Ghanaian Health Ministry, Africa Medical Partners, Hope For The City, University of St.Thomas, rural hospitals, and reliable pharma providers.

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