Friday, March 13, 2009

Q drum - easy transportation of H2O

From site:
The Q Drum is a durable, donut shaped plastic container which when full holds 50 litres of water. Its uniqueness lies in the design of the longitudinal shaft or central hole, through which a rope is tied, to pull or roll the drum along all terrain types. Due to the low-density polyethylene it is made from, it is also practically indestructible and has no removable handles or other metal attachments that could detract from its intended purpose if lost or broken.

The rope can be repaired on the spot or easily replaced by a leather thong, woven plant substance or any other appropriate material. In many rural areas around the world, even a hammer and nail are scarce commodities.

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  1. While water scarcity, illness, and poverty all go hand in hand, people do not realize that infrastructure-deficiency is the real problem (particularly in Africa), rather than an actual lack of water. That's the case in northwest Senegal, where a project to install infrastructure was completed in February – and covered in an interesting TV segment from Voice of America News


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