Thursday, July 26, 2007

End trade barriers, says Cameron

Reposted from BBC Africa

 David Cameron with Alfred Mukezamfura, speaker of the chamber of deputies in Kigali

Tory leader David Cameron has called for an end to trade barriers that put developing countries at an "unfair disadvantage", during a trip to Rwanda.

He said all rich countries should end trade tariffs unilaterally and British aid spending should be speeded up.

Launching a policy group's report on global poverty, he said trade rules were "immoral".

The group's proposals, which may or may not be adopted as Tory policy, include making aid spending more "transparent".

In a speech in Kigali, Mr Cameron called for an immediate end to trade barriers, saying: "Forget the endless tortuous negotiations about getting something in return.

"Just do it. We can afford it, Africa needs it, and we will all benefit from it."

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  1. Nii:

    This article touches a wide array of issues. I had a slightly difficult time trying to figure out if Mr. Cameron was championing for aid or trade, but after reading further it seemed that he is digging into the aid for trade concept, whereby the aid would be removing barriers to increase the trade flow between the UK and Rwanda. That is wonderful.

    What do you think about all of the opposition that Mr. Cameron is facing in pushing this through? My take on it is that because of these types of natural political hurdles, African nations must make the value proposition of doing trade with them so obvoius that only someone who didnt care about free market economies would refuse doing business.

    I particularly liked the quote that was made in this article that says,

    "Well let me tell them and let me tell you, that in the 21st Century, a century of global trade, global migration and yes, of global terrorism, there is no domestic and foreign any more. In this world, we are all in it together."

    Anyhow, great reading!

  2. I made the same assumptions myself when I posted this article. In 10 years we will not be talking about trade/aid in Africa. Africa will be the destination for business, and people will be shifting their resources to Africa from Asia and Latin America.

    Nubian Cheetah


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