Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kickstart Technologies: irrigation, and cooking oil human-powered pumps

I'm a affiliate blogger for Erik Hersman's Afrigadget. I just wrote about KickStart technologies pumps used for irrigation and building construction.

From Afrigadget:

I met the managers of Kickstart technology at the recent TED Global conference in Arusha, Tanzania. Kickstart’s patented technology bridges the gap between expensive industrialize equipment used to pump, squeeze or pack and all it’s products are human powered. This is a very important feature in Africa for the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) market, because it solves the issue of energy and cost for equipment used in agriculture, and construction.

Kickstart’s most popular product is an irrigation pump that uses the stepping motion you see in a work-out gym to move water hundreds of feet to irrigate land. Kickstart also has been able to sell several thousands of these products all across Africa, and has been approach by the United Nations to sell globally.

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  1. Nice blog. More power to you.
    African Outsourcing is also a great idea. Do you plan to organize it or are you planning to just think/write about it? Either way, we should talk - or you should talk at one of your conferences to solicit support. Y'know people need jobs and prosperity in Nigeria/Africa/...
    You should check out Money Talk at (Group blog, you're invited :) )

  2. Thanks - I welcome collaboration. Please email me at nas146 at yahoo dot com.


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