Tuesday, July 10, 2007

African Union meeting - Hippos are not being relevant!

The recent African Union meeting in Accra, Ghana was what I would call a bunch of Hippos talking about irrelevant items. This meeting was really to address pressing issues such as; Darfur, economic development and energy crisis. What happened instead... most of the summit was focused on a United States of Africa. I have to say, these Hippos did talk a little about other issues effecting Africa, but the focus on this United States of Africa seem to be the topic for the whole conference.

I do agree we need a unity trading block like the European Union, the African Union should just be that and nothing more. Furthermore, Africa is quite diverse with divisions in language, customs and religion. One Hippo in East Africa mentioned that the official language for this new republic should be Swahili, I laughed when I heard that. Over time I believe we will see a single currency, Ecowas in West Africa is actually planning on having the "Eco" currency by 2012...whether this happens time will tell.

Next year when they have this summit they should talk about these pressing items.

1. Economic Development
2. Energy (Nuclear, Solar)
3. Human rights (Darfur, Congo, etc)
4. Education
5. Capital Markets
6. Last, but most important Health!

Read more about the conference here


  1. And would it be redubdant to say 'YOU'RE SO SPOT ON' of course not.

    More urgent issues are starring us in the face. Some have completely overwhelmed us like the issue of Darfur and Zimbabwe, amongst others, yet, they're talking about a PIPE DREAM.


  2. Nubian, the issue in darfur is tricky given that the AU does not have mandate to 'invade' a sovereign state. when we have a united states of Africa, we can them have the mandate for such invasions and controls since the army will be one

    imho, your way of calling your fellow Africans hippos is sheer disrespect to yourself and your own people. or maybe you are not african

  3. Odegle,

    I hold everyone friend or foe with great respect. A hippo is a term coined George Ayittey and was used by many TED'sters at the recent conference in Arusha, Tanzania. It's meaning could mean the following; slow, lazy, and not being relevant. The opposite of that is a Cheetah, a Cheetah is fast and takes no prisoners and fears really no obstacle.


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