Thursday, September 20, 2007

Africa TV channel via Mobile Technology

Vision ... Salim Amin.

If Salim Amin gets his way you will be watching an African owned, produced and run TV network from your mobile handset. Salim's TV channel is Africa 24 and should be launched sometime next year.

Technology is going to allow more Africa 24's and others to broadcast their own content and not rely on the BBC's, or the CNN's of the world. Al Jazera launched their English channel and now it's just as popular as the Arabic channel. Soon, you'll see more choices for entertainment and news coming from every country in Africa.

You can read more about him and his efforts here:

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  1. We are also doing a similar project on the internet to provide African tv chhanels to african abroad over the internet.
    The project is called AfricaMars, provides streaming African tv channels online using p2p technology


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