Monday, September 24, 2007

Airline industry in Africa is taking off

Africa airlines are slowly starting to take flight. One such airline, Afriqiyah Airways wants to be a serious player on the African continent. Afriqiyah headquartered in Tripoli, has grand ambitions from upper management. Afriqiyah has six A320's that serves 19 international destinations and is looking to expand to Asia and Europe. The hub for Afriqiyah is in Tripoli, and is badly needed for a makeover and expansion if it wants to attract passengers.

Reuters Africa has an article on a West African group that is close to launching their own airline

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A West African group plans to launch an airline to help fill in route gaps left by problems at regional state-owned airlines, before expanding to the rest of the continent, an official said on Wednesday.

The Togolese-based SPCAR -- Regional Airline Promotion Company -- hopes to unveil the new airline at the end of October, with operations targeted to begin in the first quarter of 2008, its chairman Gervais Djondo told reporters in Johannesburg.


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