Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Carnival of African Enterprising (4th Edition)

Welcome to the September 12, 2007 edition of africa enterprising. I’m proud to host the 4th Carnival of African Enterprising, following in the fine footsteps of White African, AfricanPath and African Loft. Each host of a Carnival has some freedom in how they choose to put their piece together. In mine, I’ve decided to pick what I considered the top interesting articles on African business and economy that were submitted.

Blogging Trade & Investment Forums

David McQueen presents TED Global 2007: Afterglow « David McQueen posted at David McQueen, saying, "We must look back not to be bitter, but to learn from our past and our mistakes, and for all of those who committed for change at this conference, and those who have picked up on the conversations for the next chapter for Africa elsewhere, here's to a new future for the varied and rich tapestry that is the Motherland!!!"

Bankelele presents Idea Exchange: sponsors & links posted at bankelele, saying, "William Kamkwamba, a 19 year old Malawian embodies this as an inventor of a electricity producing windmill out of scrap metal. And former Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, famous for fighting corruption and restructuring her country's debt, who rightly put an end to the aid vs. trade debate by reminding us that both are needed."

Jen Brea presents TED Global, Africa: The Next Chapter posted at Africabeat, saying, "Now, I am the first person to be as skeptical about Afro-optimism as I am about Afro-pessimism, and I am also generally skeptical of expensive and exclusive events...But...This is an opportunity to go back, to learn a little bit more, to get to know a completely different part of the continent, all while meeting people from all over Africa and around the world who are doing really exciting, creative and innovative things."

Benin Mwangi presents IBM Thinks Africa posted at The Benin Epilogue Part I: Africa-Ready for Business, saying, "This article summarizes my experiences as a 2007 IBM GIO Think Africa attendee.

African Path presents Hear IBM Vice President's view on Africa's present market opportunities posted at African Path, saying, "I think that this conversation between IBM Vice President Baba Zoumanigui and myself should give readers a small preview of what IBM has in store for the ICT markets in Africa."

Joshua Wanyama presents Kenyans in the Diaspora Conference Final Thoughts posted at African Path, saying, "The Kenyans in the Diaspora held on March 22 to 24, 2007 in Atlanta, GA was very telling on the levels of progress Kenyans have achieved. The event was well organized, well attended and for the most part the program was run on schedule. Considering the logistics, marketing and invitations that had to go out to make the event a success, I have to say it was a great achievement!"

Emeka presents Timbuktu Chronicles: Planting Seeds: TED Global posted at Timbuktu Chronicles, saying, "This post represents a warm thanks to TED Global 07 participants from a key organizer of the event."

Erik Hersman presents The Power of a TED Talk | White African posted at White African, saying, "George Ayittey's explanation describing the differences between the "cheetah" and "hippo" generations in Africa..."

Business in Africa

Ken Teyie presents Tanzania diminishes chances of regional integration posted at Business in focus, saying, Will the dream of an East Africa Community bringing benefits to the East African region collapse under the pressure of Tanzania's latests moves?

Africaincorp's staff presents in the media: Khartoum, the Dubai of Africa posted at AFRICAINCORP.

Nii Simmonds presents Ideas to grow the informal sector in Africa posted at Nubian Cheetah. By utilizing cooperatives in Africa for the informal market; Africa can feed and sustain itself for growth and wealth creation

Entrepreneurship in Africa

Nii Simmonds presents Meso Finance: the next area of financing for SME's in Africa posted at Nubian Cheetah. Meso finance is the middle of the road financing that Africa needs to embrace. By utilizing financing schemes in the SME's in Africa, Africans can now finance what they need to grow their businesses.

Alanagh Recreant presents From China to Virtual Africa: How Can Participatory Media Benefit the World? posted at UgoTrade, saying, "UGOTRADE is one of the most valuable additions to the blogosphere, shining a positive light on the African continent and its possibilities. She drives a passionate agenda of addressing digital divide in a sustainable way by influencing key roleplayers ground-UP! She respects local ingenuity and networks widely when she published a well-grounded article on her blog!

UgoTrade published this particular article about VIRTUAL AFRICA and its development on the Second Life platform and it has had wonderful investment spin-offs for our NGO, Uthango Social Investments, working in Africa."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of africa enterprising using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Nii:

    Very beautiful work. I like your presentation and the theme was suberb as well.

    Keep representing Cheetah's!

  2. Nii-good work. I like how you presented it as well. Like the Cheetah definition. Keep up the good work.Now I have to go read some of the articles I have not read!

  3. Nii, Great concept. Sort of gives me cold feet since I am to host the next (5th Edition) carnival “in my blog” and in the prestigious “African Executive Online Magazine” you can help beat the drums. Great work once again and for everyone who submited their work.

    The theme for the 5th Carnival will be: Positioning Africa in the 21st Century and I encourage all bloggers interested to submit their work.

    For those interested there is a chance to participate in an event in Tanzania at the annual “Africa Resource Bank Meeting” organised by “IREN Kenya”. The Event will discuss the future of Africa. You can apply through the links that I have provided.

  4. Branded:

    No need to go and get cold feet. Like Nii, I know you will make us all very proud and informed. The nice thing about it is how each host has really innovated in the way that the carnival is presented.

    Also, I am happy about how the carnival host reservations are now beginning to get "booked" like two months in advance. Someone contacted me yesterday to make a reservation to host the November 07, edition.


    Yes, the imagery of Africa's speedy and adaptive entrepreneurs captured in the word "cheetah" represents a stroke of genius. What I want to know is would you ever like to host one of these carnivals? Your site is just so capitivating, not to mention the fact that you are one of the cheetah's that I think Dr. George Ayittey had in mind when he coined the term.

  5. Is it my machine...several of the links are bad/broken. Please check.

  6. Great work Nii. This blog carnival is moving in a great direction and I hope we will keep the fire burning. Thanks Benin for lighting the way.

  7. Benin-would be interested. Just the scheduling is what we should talk about. Maybe ending of November?

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