Friday, December 28, 2007

Africa momentum for 2008 and beyond

2007 was a banner year for Africa, Africa enjoyed unprecedented growth in telecommunications, financials, and consumer products. No longer does Africa have to depend on the west for trade or aid. Africa now, more than ever has many opportunities for trade with other emerging markets.

For the first time ever, emerging markets are collaborating, partnering and sharing intellectual ideas. The Brazilians are collaborating with Africans in ethanol and other Biofuels, Indians and Chinese are buying world renown brands (ex. Lenovo, Jaguar/Land Rover). India outsourcing providers are building BPO capacity in Africa. The Chinese are building massive infrastructure projects all over the continent.

10 years ago the West mainly dictated how the world ran. The world's major currency was the dollar, and the major financial and commodity markets were only in New York, Chicago, London, and Tokyo. 10 years later we have Asian/Middle eastern markets providing capital infusion to the west. Also, Kuala lumpur, New Delhi, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Lagos, Accra, Nairobi, and others are becoming the new financial cities.

Despite Africa's great success in 2007, how can it grow in 2008 and beyond? That answer lies in trade and partnerships. Emerging markets have mainly grown because they are providing services and resources to wealthier markets; mostly US and Europe. There will be a time when some services and products from Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC countries) become too expensive to produce or service. Africa has to position itself to cater to these BRIC's, and other world markets.

India is facing a turnover and quality problems with it's BPO sector. Many Indian outsourcers are starting to build capacity in Africa. Everyone knows China is taking resources from Africa back to China for finished products then selling it back to Africans. The Chinese are starting to realize it's cheaper to make finished products in Africa then shipping them from China. Also, the Russians, Middle Easterners and many private equity players are looking at investments in Africa.

Despite the mortgage crisis that is effecting the west; this could be an opportune time for investment in many emerging markets. Pension funds, mutual funds and insurance funds that invested in mortgage back securities got burnt and will keep getting burnt until they liquidate their holdings in these securities. Some are investing their monies in emerging markets, and I'm sure some are looking at Africa for investment.

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