Thursday, December 13, 2007

Euvin Naidoo article from Knowledge @ Wharton
Courtesy of White African

Interesting article from Knowledge @ Wharton about TED's own Euvin Naidoo a South African transplant living in New York City.

From Knowledge @ Wharton

Africa's stunning lack of basic services, such as electrical and telephone grids and Internet connectivity, might cause many to despair, but Euvin Naidoo -- a leading advocate for Western investment in the underdeveloped continent -- looks at the map and sees something different: hope.

Naidoo, president and CEO of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America, noted that with the world pushing for alternative sources of energy such as windmills or geothermal power, it will be easier to develop and implement these new technologies from scratch in Africa than to impose them on the entrenched power grid in the West. "The key about disruptive technology is that it really has a chance to innovate at the base of the pyramid," Naidoo said in his keynote address at the 15th annual Wharton Africa Business Forum. "The base of the pyramid is the bottom -- the millions who are underserved."

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  1. More grace to Euvin and other African optimists!


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