Friday, December 28, 2007

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The African continent just launched a satellite that will make telecommunications in Africa cheaper, and reliant.

From Africa News

The Rascom-QAF1 satellite has a particular importance for the African countries because it will make it possible for these populations to benefit from broadband communications services. The Rascom system will provide an expanded range of value-added services to all African countries that will be using the system, which will include:

Large-scale, low-cost telecom services in rural areas, based on the use of appropriate technologies;
Inter-urban links in each member-country;
Direct international links between all member-countries;
Direct TV broadcast and Internet access services;
Value-added broadband services.

The African rural and urban areas will be thus equipped with a key infrastructure enabling to deliver communication services to everyone, at very low cost. The satellite-based solutions are particularly adapted to match this type of requirements by ensuring a broad geographic coverage at a cost for connection among the weakest. This program illustrates the common willingness of the African countries to reduce the digital divide and make telecommunications a powerful socio-economic development lever.

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