Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Serena Hotels

Operating under the “Serena” brand name, Tourism Promotion Services owns and manages fifteen hotels in East Africa and Asia. TPS’s first hotel ventures were established in the 1970s in Kenya, where Serena safari lodges and hotels have come to be recognized as leaders for the quality of their services, architecture and ecological responsibility.

Since the early 1980s TPS has also owned and managed hotels in the mountainous north of Pakistan and has built Serena hotels in Faisalabad and Quetta. These hotels aim to provide a showcase and a stimulus for local architectural traditions and crafts, as well as accommodation in underserved regional centres. In its most recent phase of development, TPS’s Kenyan holding company (TPS Limited) has floated its shares on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. TPS is also pursuing growth opportunities elsewhere in Eastern Africa, in Pakistan and in Central Asia.

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  1. Interesting and useful article, thanks. I love traveling and I always use different hotels. I just return from Barcelona business trip. It is amazing city. Fabulous architecture, brilliant Spanish cuisine, flamboyant culture and wonderful weather combine to make Barcelona a truly magnificent city. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona.
    Also I like that many of hotels in Barcelona are not expensive. And of course a trip to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without strolling down Las Ramblas through stalls selling flowers and birds, the street artists inventing even more intriguing things to mime and be painted up as statues, and buy packs of fresh fruit from the colourful market.


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