Thursday, February 28, 2008

Uganda National Academy of Science - Science for prosperity

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The Uganda National Academy of Science (UNAS) was launched on 20th October 2000 in Kampala.

UNAS brings together a diverse group of scientists from the physical, biological and social/behavioral sciences, working together in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner.

The main objectives of UNAS are to:

1. Provide an independent forum through which scientists can exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.

2. Promote and foster the growth of the scientific community in Uganda.

3. Encourage, stimulate, design and coordinate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific research and development.

4. Get involved in the planning, convening and co-ordination of scientific education programmes and help in the development and nurturing of high-level scientific and technological manpower in Uganda.

5. Establish a regular award scheme for recognition of outstanding achievements in science and to advocate for proper, safe and ethical exploitation of science and technology in national development.

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