Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Internet revolution in Africa

Great article on Africa's internet growth prospects. The SAT 3 cable and soon to be built Eassy Cable, will hopefully lower costs of connecting and conducting commerce on the continent.

From Global Advances

Bandwith to Africa is expected to grow dramatically as the continent is gaining internet connectivity faster than any other region in the world.

Africa’s online population now exceeds 50 million, according to an estimate published by Internet World Stats, an internet research and statistics website. This marks a 1000% increase since 2000 and continued exponential growth is expected. Although this figure only represents a 5.3% internet penetration rate on the African continent, compared with nearly 25% worldwide, the actual number of internet users may be six to eight times larger due to the growth of internet cafes and various other multi-person access points.


  1. Africa on the move! We love you Mama Africa.

  2. I am so please to read this improvement in Africa's quest in closing the digital devide. It is amazing to see the tremedious improvement in 3 years. Data from 2009 shows Africa to be behind global internet usage with Nigeria having only 1.1% penetration. Although we dont have the first mover advantage, we are gaining fast. I only wish we could improve on other social-political infrastructures that are important to improving the quality of lives in Africa.


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