Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Solving Africa - Book project about African entrepreneurship

Junior Kanu is among a new breed of African pioneers called the Cheetah Generation. His book project, Solving Africa is aiming to research African entrepreneuship at it's finest. His journey will be thousands of miles through cities, countries and universities to find great stories you and I don't hear much about from the media.

More on Solving Africa

Because it’s hard to love a place you don’t know, I am proposing a trip to seven African cities to get to know, and hopefully, fall in love with, some of the people and places my education in Nigeria failed to address. The final outcome will be a book that I’ve tentatively titled Solving Africa. Part memoir, part travel log and part political commentary, the book will be the voice of young Africans’ dreams for their homeland and an attempt at a new way of telling Africa’s story.

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