Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crop to Cup - Family farmed coffee

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Crop to Cup helps cultivate and helps run coffee plantation in Africa.

Here is what they say on their site.

We are the company that brings you closer to the crop.

Yes, yes, we are a middle man, but we are the only middle man between you and the farmer.

At Crop to Cup Coffee Company we represent farmer entrepreneurs, providing them with technology and marketing services to put them in touch with interested consumers here in the US. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world by providing coffee farmers and coffee lovers with the tools and services they need to drive this change themselves.

Our goal at C2C is to improve the quality and integrity of coffee served at restaurants, homes, offices, morning campfires, Star Trek conventions (OK – you get the point – wherever you might find coffee served). In areas around the equator (that’s where your coffee grows) we’re a network of partners and farmer entrepreneurs working towards the improvement of livelihoods through the digitization of coffee farming. Farmers, their coffees, the roasters who sculpt this coffee to the retailer and consumer - we put everybody online. Track your coffee by tracing your purchase back to the people who produced it.

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