Friday, April 11, 2008

Mobile Money Summit 2008 - Cairo, Egypt

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Mobile Money Summit 2008 is two-day conference designed for senior executives from financial services institutions, mobile network operators, development organizations, solutions vendors and regulatory and policy makers. The inaugural event will provide for the first time a comprehensive demonstration of the addressable markets, showcase new solutions, and share key success factors and learnings from around the world. The goal of the Summit is to stimulate greater understanding and collaboration between all stakeholders — globally, regionally and locally. Most importantly, Mobile Money Summit 2008 will better equip participants to develop and deploy their own Mobile Money portfolio effectively, efficiently and at scale.

At this highly interactive event, you will learn:

  • How Mobile Money can drive top-line growth and customer value in both financial services and telecommunications
  • How Mobile Money solutions can drive economic growth and financial inclusion for individuals, communities and countries
  • Best practices in the market today, and key innovations coming to market
  • Strategic, operational, regulatory and market challenges to effective deployment and scale
  • Key propositions for various customer segments in different markets.
  • Rationales for partnership between financial services institutions and telecomm companies to deliver converged mass market Mobile Money.
  • Where and how to kick-start activity most effectively

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