Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KAPS - Parking management control systems

A Kenyan parking management company has an automated system for car parking management.


KAPS has been a solution provider of car parking, access control and revenue management systems since 1999. KAPS has been the clear leader regionally in this sector. We have made several innovations including our world-class software; installation of specialized systems incorporating real world automation of electronically driven mechanized systems, audio and video automation and data capture solutions.

Well-designed Automation is the ideal solution to modern facilities management... KAPS has successfully installed such systems for municipalities, major facilities, parking lots and shopping malls. Our parking services in particular now support over 20,000 vehicle transactions daily.Nevertheless, the key to effective parking solutions is management expertise. KAPS has rapidly built a reservoir of management capabilities including a portfolio of targeted software tools. This places KAPS in the best position to be your partner in every parking situation.

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