Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Godisa - Solar Aid battery charger from Africa

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Godisa meets this urgent human need with products that are:

  • Lower priced – at least 75% less expensive than comparable products allowing bulk purchase for donation purposes by government, deaf schools, hearing INGOs, deaf groups and caring individuals; as well as subsidized direct sales to audiologists and hearing impaired people living in developing countries;

  • High quality – all of Godisa’s products meet applicable World Health Organization guidelines and use robust and proven components that last for many years;

  • Technically advanced – internationally award-winning design, rapid and highly effective battery charging with the Solar Aid, and modern digital BTE hearing aids;

  • Environmentally sound – solar powered (clean energy) battery recharging that reduces the harmful environmental impacts of battery disposal; and

  • Designed for the developing world – an African organization that understands the challenges faced by hearing impaired people and organizations in developing countries.


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