Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aqua Port - easy transportation of Water

From Site

The Aquaport is a modular design that allows the user to attach and detach different parts of the device depending upon the amount the user can pull. Each part can be filled individually, and has a handle attached for easy carrying. The device will be pushed like the Hippo Roller. Due to its modular nature it can be broke into smaller pieces for storage and distribution.

Aqua Port

Capri Capital Partners

Capri Capital Partners focuses on real estate and infrastructure investments in Emerging Markets. They have a portfolio of $4 billion for investments.

Africa Sustainable Energy - Solarix launches Sustainer

The Sustainer is a unique solution to produce fuel and electricity in remote rural areas, for example in the African countryside where only 5 to 20 percent of the population have electricity. In many of these situations, access to energy would facilitate development, higher productivity and better education. Moreover, locally available resources can be used instead of expensive imports.

Bikes made out of Bamboo & Carbon Fiber

Calfee Design is working towards assisting entrepreneurs in the developing world to make their own bicycles out of locally sourced bamboo. The reasons to do this are so strong that it would be foolish not to try:

  1. Bicycles are in great demand as a major labor savings device. Transporting water, people, food and other items is six times more efficient.
  2. Bamboo bikes cost less than inferior imported steel bikes.
  3. Bamboo is plentiful and does not need to be imported as a raw material. Bamboo is easy to grow and can be cultivated in dry areas with minimal irrigation.
  4. Bamboo bikes require a significant amount of labor to produce, providing skilled employment and an apprenticeship model that helps youth find opportunity.
  5. Bamboo bicycle production is not easily done in large factories. This keeps large industrialized countries from getting into the business and competing on an unfair level.
  6. Making Bamboo bikes does not require electricity or a large investment in equipment.

Solar cooker in use Maasai Mara via Afrigadget blog

Maasai using a solar cooker via Afrigadget blog

Solar cooker in use Maasai Mara

I didn’t believe it possible but I found this lady actually using a solar cooker in the Masai Mara!

Mama solar cooker

Mama solar cooker

Made only of cardboard and tin foil this cooker fold up into a neat little package. It apparently cooks potatoes and cabbage in just 1 hour!

She told me that she got it as part of a study - one solar cooker was given to every manyatta. She couldn’t rememer which organization was handing them out but she has adapted hers by putting her pot into a plastic bag which she says retains the heat better. She says she’ll continue using the solar cooker after the study and will even buy one at Ksh 1,000.

She still has a 3 stone wood fire to cook meat.

I wonder what happens to this device when it rains…does the cardboard become a sodden mess?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zeep Travel - Nigerian Online Travel portal


From Site:
Our portal provides direct access to one of the broadest selections of travel deals and services. Zeeptravel.com features airline tickets, hotel reservations, private transfers and many other travel services from a broad selection of partners addressing different consumer needs like families and individuals booking a summer vacation to corporates arranging a business trip.

Zeeptravel.com partners include major International and Local Airlines operating in Nigeria like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France/KLM, Qatar Airlines, South African Airlines, Virgin Nigeria, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and more. Zeeptravel.com also provides over 45000 hotels globally at discounted rates.

African Agricultural Capital - AAC

From Site:
African Agricultural Capital (AAC) is a leading agribusiness-focused investment fund in Africa that delivers positive financial returns to its investors, supports its investees through the provision of affordable and flexible capital, and has a high social and development impact on smallholder farmers and rural economies, thereby encouraging greater investment in the agriculture sector.

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