Tuesday, November 25, 2008

African Solutions to African problems - Video

As an African, it's proud to see and hear stories of African ingenuity. This video celebrates that spirit of enterprise, technology and ingenuity, while also taking a deeper look at the paradox of progress on the African continent.

African version of Google Maps - Developers from Ghana


Group of developers and friends from Ghana have designed an African version of Google Maps, called Africa on Map. The site is currently showing the Capital, Accra, Ghana. As for funcitonality, it allows you search real estate and election results from the upcoming Ghanaian elections.

Friday, November 21, 2008

BioPAD - Growing Biotechnology in South Africa


From the site:

BioPAD believes that South Africans should own the process of developing an active and sustainable biotechnology sector in SA; we encourage broader participation by all stakeholders and BioPAD will continue to play a prominent role in facilitating the process.

Build economic and social value of the industry through sustainable commercial entities locally and internationally within the focus areas of animal health and production, mining biotech, environmental biotech, industrial biotech and human health.

Offer access to high quality financial, business and scientific resources to commercial entities through developing and nurturing strong partnerships with BioPAD personnel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Made in Africa - PopTech 08 Talk by Erik Hersman

Africa Wind Energy Association - AFRIWEA


The site states:

promotes and supports wind energy development on the African continent by facilitating the exchange of political and technical information, expertise and experience in the wind energy sector. It aims to further the wind energy interests of Africa in particular and developing countries in general.

Factors that boost the prospects of the wind market in Africa include a high future demand for electricity generating capacity, and the enthusiasm of international donors to invest in clean energy schemes. However, the political priorities of governments, their policies on energy, electricity and climate change, as well as their ability to act on such policies remain a huge issue for wind energy projects in all African countries.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

BarcampGhana 2008 - Dec 22nd Accra, Ghana

  • BarCampGhana 2008 will be a gathering of the most innovative minds in business, science and technology in Ghana
  • Hear industry leading Ghanaians speakers talk about their experiences
  • Meet and interact with like minded people in a fun and interactive environment
  • Discuss Ghana's role in the global village

BarCamp is simply an ‘unconference’ - an ad-hoc gathering of people with the simple desire to share and learn in an open environment. Unlike a conference, at a barcamp everyone is both a speaker and a participant. The content is provided by all attendees based on their interests.
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