Thursday, February 18, 2010

Faso Foods - Ivory Coast consumer foods company

From site:
We are importers of high quality and wholesome products that are certified organic and fair trade, providing a sustainable and economic stimulus to farmers and food producers in Africa and around the world. Faso Foods represents a range of natural and delicious grains, nuts, teas and produce that American consumers are sure to love.

AFAS International Group - Agribusiness conglomerate Nigeria

From site:

Our mission is to produce fish and livestock feeds, and agricultural products that meet international quality standards. This will be an ongoing economy aligned initiative which will result in a decrease in poverty for beneficiaries conducting business with the company and an increase in economic productivity and other secondary entrepreneurial opportunities.

We aim to produce top quality feed products, hire, train and retain personnel with required knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to set in motion the growth of the agricultural economy of Nigeria and ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States) through fish and livestock feed manufacturing. This will be accomplished through the following objectives:

Trigen Healthcare

Trigen Healthcare is committed to improving healthcare outcomes in resource-poor countries by providing continuing medical education, healthcare skills training and consultative services to healthcare professionals, medical facility managers and health policy leaders.

EGG-Energy - affordable power

About EGG-Energy

Since June 2008, a multi-disciplinary team from MIT and Harvard has been working on an innovative solution to bring affordable power to communities in the developing world. Their goal is to bridge the power distribution gap that keeps 1.6 billion people worldwide in the dark.

The Energy Center, KNUST - Center of excellence for Africa energy research

The Energy Center at KNUST
, is an African energy research center devoted to sustainable energy sources. Their research in energy is pivotal to finding a sustainable long-term solution to the world-wide energy crisis.
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