Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absolute furnishing limited - African furniture company

From Site
Absolute Furnishings Limited manufactures a wide range of high quality hotel, office, school; and home furniture as well as home accessories. We have furnished some of the finest homes, hotels and offices in the country.

Our beautiful world class furniture is produced in wood, wrought iron, rattan, cane, a mixture of rattan or cane with wrought iron and rattan with wood, massive wood and carved massive wood. All these are expertly crafted and finished in exotic, classic and contemporary designs making our range of furniture the ultimate for both indoors and outdoors.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Haute - African fashion magazine

HauTe is a 100+ page fashion magazine. It features the works of African designers all around the world, exhibiting a taste for the cultural tempered with an appreciation of the varied degrees of influence by the west in today's fashion.

Play Made energy - renewable electricity to schools

About PlayMade Energy
PlayMade Energy’s mission is to bring renewable electricity to schools in the developing world through the fun of play. The Energee-Saw is a simple and fun see-saw which generates renewable electricity as a by-product of play. The Energee-Saw is currently in final development following further testing in Malawi during 2009.

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