Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AFRICAJOU Natural Oils - African Earth

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AFRICAJOU is a Senegalese company set up to produce and market natural vegetable oils extracted from the plants and seeds of the local pharmacopoeia. The objective is to allow people everywhere to discover the benefits of AFRICAJOU's African Earth Vegetable Oils - for their virtues have been known for thousands of years by the local populations who use them as food or cosmetics.

African Institution of Technology - supporting technology diffusion in Africa

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Our plan is to help the diffusion of semiconductor, microelectronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other emerging technologies in developing nations (especially African nations) by supporting schools, SMEs (small and medium-scaled enterprises) and governments through world class education support and technical consulting.

African Colours - Contemporary African art scene

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AfricanColours works towards a viable contemporary African art scene that is internationally recognised and technologically savvy. AfricanColours does so by connecting artists and engaging the art industry through leveraging technologies, offering cultural experiences in and creating value for contemporary visual arts in Africa”.

Mlako Purified Ice Cube - Tanzania

is a Tanzanian commercial ice company focused on purified cube ice.

Mafuta Sasa Biodiesel Limited - Tanzania

From site:

Mafuta Sasa collects used cooking oil as its feedstock for biodiesel production. The Company collects used cooking oil from local hotels, restaurants, and street cart vendors, and transports the used oil to its factory for processing. The Company produces one liter of biodiesel from each liter of feedstock.

In addition to biodiesel, the Company produces and sells crude liquid soap. Raw glycerine is the main by-product from the biodiesel production process, and is also a primary ingredient in soap. By making soap from the raw glycerine, Mafuta Sasa earns a secondary revenue stream, while efficiently and safely disposing of its waste stream.

Mafuta Sasa is a company limited by shares duly formed under the laws of Tanzania. The Company is fully licensed by local taxing, industrial, and health authorities.

ANZA - a technologies-focused social enterprise

From site:

turns the conventional notions of raw materials on their head by reinventing trash to make low-cost, high-utility products that will enable millions of African farmers to lift themselves out of poverty.

Founded in the summer of 2008, Anza employs a portfolio approach by offering a set of appropriate technologies products. Our company began selling “upcycled” solar cookers and water sanitation solutions in Pemba, Mozambique, in June 2009. To date, we have sold hundreds of solar cookers and Tip Taps, positively impacting the health and environment of over 2,500 villagers in Northern Mozambique, and creating over $50,000 in social benefits to these communities.

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