Friday, December 17, 2010

Angaza Design - using solar to power Africa

From Site:

Angaza Design aims to improve the quality of life in East Africa by making clean and affordable electricity accessible to all.

Our solar-powered household lighting and charging system will run clean, bright LED lights, charge cell phones, and run radios. Our product will change the lives of our East African customers by saving them money from buying kerosene and batteries, raising their productivity at night leading to increased income, and improving their health and education.

Agro-Hub - Making agriculture markets work


AGRO-HUB is a business venture set up to mine, manage and disseminate agricultural information. To make this possible, AGRO-HUB exploits three fundamental information and communication technology components (Joint Community Effort, Short Message Service, and the Web) with a focus to achieve its main vision; make Cameroon’s agricultural markets work.

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