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Afromusing - Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

From Afromusing Blog - Julian Rotich

Two opportunities I would like to pass along, the first is SEPS (Sustainable Energy Project Support) call for applications.

Now in its fifth year, WISIONS, a Wuppertal Institute initiative that is funded and supported by the Swiss-based foundation ProEvolution, has launched its annual call for applications for Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS).

WISIONS invites the submission of proposals from now until 18 August 2008. The total grant fund for financial support of SEPS projects in this, the 5th round (2008), is €500,000 (across all projects). Partial funding of projects is possible.

We are looking for promising concepts and innovative projects with an integrated approach in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our main goal is to identify environmentally sound projects that use modern existing technologies, demonstrate the advantages of sound energy solutions and integrate local people, enabling acceptance and further replication.

The deadline is August 18th, and you can download an app here.

Via AFriWea

SeedCamp for the entrepreneurs in Europe

From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to provide a catalyst for Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

The deadline for this is August 11th.

Via Park Paradigm

TEDC 2008 - Technology for Innovation and Education in Developing Countries

About the event

Technology for Innovation and Education in Developing Countries

July 31 - August 2, 2008

Kampala, Uganda

The goal of this fifth international workshop is to bring together researchers, businesses, educators, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss various issues involved in developing new techniques and on novel uses of technology for innovation and education in developing countries. A 2007 World Bank Report titled Building Knowledge Economies: Advanced Strategies for Development, states that the four key drivers for successful knowledge economies in the 21st Century are education, information technology infrastructure, research and development focused on innovation, and a free market based economy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Juliana Rotich - at Global Voices summit in Budapest, Hungary

Power Up Gambia

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About Power Up Gambia:

It's all about power and light. With the installation of solar panels, the Sulayman Jungkung General Hospital will have a reliable power supply to provide clean running water, power to run incubators, use electronic microscopes, and perform surgeries, day or night, when needed. Refrigeration means vaccines can be safely stored and a blood bank can be established. The hands of the hospital's staff are tied without solar panels to provide critically-needed power.

Tracks 4 Africa - Mapping Africa, one day at a time

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From their site:

Behind this web site there is a large community of eco-users from all over the world who share in four common things:

  • a passion for Africa and its preservation, its awesome natural beauty and the diversity of its peoples.
  • the need for a super accurate and reliable GPS navigation system to take you to the many interesting and fascinating destinations in Africa.
  • the need for INFORMATION. To learn new facts about old things. To change the way we interact with environment and INFORMATION needed not to expose oneself, travel companions, assets and environment to unnecessary risks.
  • the need to know where tourist dollars are spend, it *MUST* make a difference at ground zero, to the local peoples and to environment.

  • Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Tom Iseghohi - talks on CNBC about Transcorp

    Tuareg Capital - North African private equity firm

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    About Tuareg:

    Tuareg Capital is a private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in North Africa, with a primary focus on Libya and Algeria. We make and advise on investment opportunities through proprietary or third party funds, partnerships and special purpose vehicles.

    With a presence in Tripoli, Bahrain and London, our team is a dynamic, professional one with extensive financial experience. We have a deep understanding and commitment to the region.

    Our strengths are drawn from our collective international and regional experience at a variety of renowned financial institutions; our local knowledge and presence on the ground; our depth of contacts and relationships, domestically, regionally and in the broader international arena.

    Hey, Here's a Tip: Try Africa - Carol Pineau

    From Carol Pineau, "African Investment Horizons"

    Sunday, July 6, 2008; Page B02

    P ssst. Have I got a great stock tip for you: Now's the time to buy shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. No, really.

    I know that may sound like an e-mail from the spam box, but it's actually good investment advice. While U.S. markets have been struggling with the effects of the subprime mortgage debacle and threats of a looming recession, the total value of the stocks traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange has doubled over the past year.

    A lot of that growth can be attributed to new companies listing on the market. But next door, Ghana's stock exchange has already returned more than 33 percent this year, and is expected to end the year as one of the world's top growth markets. And it wouldn't be for the first time.

    It used to be that when the U.S. economy sneezed, the rest of the world caught a cold. Today, with globalization, everybody has a pretty bad flu -- except for Africa, where many of the more than 20 stock markets are reporting gains similar to those of the Nigerian exchange. I've been working on a film exploring Africa's frontier markets for the past couple of years, and the returns I've found can only be described as eye-popping. African markets have outperformed Standard & Poor's 500-stock index and many other indexes over the past decade. I've met people who have doubled and even tripled their investments.

    Read More

    Fibre for Africa - Opening up Affordable Bandwidth in Africa

    Opening up Affordable Bandwidth in Africa

    map of telecoms transmission networksFrom the site:

    This web site has been put together to provide basic information about international bandwidth in Africa, its costs and the existence of monopoly access to it. Bandwidth is the means through which Africa as a continent communicates with itself and the rest of the world. Those who have put the site together believe that the high costs of international bandwidth on the continent are an obstacle to the its social and economic development.

    Image: Telecoms transmissions networks in Africa, Source: Paul Hamilton, Acacia Atlas, IDRC

    Comtel - East Africa IT integrators

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    Comtel Integrators Africa was founded in 2005 by 4 entrepreneurs who realized the urgent need for a system integration company in the market. Since the company’s inception the 4 entrepreneurs have gradually lead the company to become the number one IT systems integrator in East Africa.

    With over 35 employees today and operations opening in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa, Comtel's tradition of being the first organization to bring innovative solutions into the market place continues. The company has successfully implemented the first total Cisco IP Telephony Hotel in East Africa. Comtel has also been requested to implement the first intelligent building and the largest IP Contact Centre in East Africa.

    Kenya ICT Board

    The Kenya ICT Board was established by HE President Mwai Kibaki, as a state corporation under the State Corporations Act Cap. 446 on 19th February 2007.

    The achievement of an information-based society is one of the main priorities of the Government towards the realisation of national development goals and objectives for wealth and employment creation.ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Harnessing of ICTs will therefore help the Government to realize a number of its key public policy objectives.

    In general, ICT will contribute significantly to the process by improving government operations as outlined in the e-government strategy.

    Smart Village Egypt

    Smart Villages
    Company is Egypt's premier model of Public-Private-Partnership investment with the strategic aim to lead and foster the development of profitable chains of Technology and Business Parks.

    Since its founding in 2001, the company has rapidly expanded and achieved successful contribution to position Smart Village Cairo among this world's most competent
    Business Parks.

    Further innovative ventures has been under development counting Smart Village Cairo Financial District, first consolidated premise for Egypt’s most eminent Financial Institutions, Smart Village Damietta Business and Logistics Park, comprising world class infrastructure and services for Local and International companies, Smart Villages Company Consultancy Services are now available to discover the local incentives to franchise the Smart Village Model in different Countries upon request.

    Agribusiness - Forum 2008

    The African Continent is soon to become the bright light in emerging market investing. Economic growth in Africa has averaged 5% over the last 7 years, with agriculture and agro-industry being the key sectors for the continent’s development in terms of GDP, employment, food security and trade. AgriBusiness Forum 2008 takes advantage of the favourable business environment to check how to turn it into growth and wealth.

    AgriBusiness 2008 aims at contributing to the growth & wealth of Africa by a further development of its agro-food industry, with the expertise, experience and involvement of knowledgeable individuals and institutions.

    Learn More

    Lavit Park - Uganda Technology & ICT Park

    Lake Victoria Information Communication Technology and Bio-tech Park (LAVIT) is a business Initiative which shall open up the young resource pool amongst the 375 Million strong Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) to the Global ICT and Bio - Tech Industry.

    Governments policies are now fine tuned to transform the country into a knowledge economy, exploiting the high talent pool that has been educated in a system with english as medium of education, a pre requsite for success in IT enabled services industry.

    Uganda's Stock Exchange Grows Up

    Here is an excerpt from BusinessWeek magazine about Uganda's stock market.

    If you're looking for a place to invest that hasn't been affected by the global credit crunch, there's always the Uganda Securities Exchange. Sure, the East African country isn't without its risks, and the market has plenty of shortcomings. But whatever the forces that determine its ebb and flow, they're definitely different from those driving, say, New York, London, or Tokyo. Since its October peak.....Read More

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008


    INVEST IN AFRICA is a conference and exhibition about

    attracting investment into African financial and real estate markets.

    Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF)

    The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (“EAIF”) was established in January 2002 and is currently a US$365 million debt fund, which aims to address the lack of available long-term foreign currency debt finance for infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

    While EAIF lends on commercial terms, it aims to support projects that promote economic growth and reduce poverty, benefit broad-based population groups, address issues of equity and participation, and promote social, economic and cultural rights.

    Investments with a tenor of up to 15 years can range from a minimum of US$10 million (or equivalent) to a maximum of US$36.5 million (or equivalent) for any one investment. Loans are provided without the need for political risk cover.

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