Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pagatech - Nigerian mobile money startup


Pagatech was founded in early 2009 with a vision to enable a cashless society and bank the unbanked in Africa. Our first product offering, Paga, is a direct to consumer mobile payments service. Paga is an innovative, open, secure, and interoperable mobile payments platform that allows any person who has a mobile phone to transact electronically – thus turning the mobile phone into an electronic wallet.

At launch, customers can use Paga to send cash, purchase airtime credits, or pay bills from their mobile phone. Paga supports all phones, even the most basic SMS-enabled phone. Customers will also be able to transact on Paga via USSD, over the internet, and via the Paga mobile application which will be made available for java-enabled devices. Paga will work on all mobile networks.

Nii Simmonds interview at Tech4Africa about financing for African Startups

In August, I was invited to Tech4Africa and I participated in a panel discussion on venture capital in Africa and what startups need to do to be fundable. I was also interviewed by some local media, one in particular, Zoopy, has a clip below. - SMS Apps startup in Cameroon

I met Fritz Ekwoge at Tech4Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa in August. His startup,, uses apps focused on SMS. He demoed the product to me, and it seemed really cool and interesting. The key is hitting critical mass, but I wouldn't bet against this young man.

Flocash - let your cash flow

FloCash is a fast and convenient payment method to send and receive cash around Africa using your email or mobile phone. You can use FloCash to pay for products at or at any of the growing number of online retailers that accept FloCash.

Entrepreneurs who run FloCash are based out of the UK, and East Africa.

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