Friday, May 28, 2010

Kilonshele - Nigerian ticket marketplace

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Kilonshele® is a live entertainment and marketing company. We connect the world to live entertainment events in Nigeria by providing up-to-date information on live events and giving fans opportunity to buy tickets conveniently. Kilonshele® provides ticket sales, marketing and distribution through, one of the best e-commerce sites on the Internet.

Africa Now

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AfricaNow! is an innovative collaboration of modern home decor and accessories celebrating the fusion of African art and life.

Inspired by authentic African cultures with a contemporary influence, products include contemporary and traditional jewelry, accessories, home textiles and furnishings, whimsical holiday ornaments, baskets, wood, ceramics, and more.

Elephant Pepper - African spices

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African Spices Pvt Ltd.(AS) was formed in 2000 to sell chilli peppers to domestic, regional and international markets. EPDT selected AS to act as a for-profit facilitator between a collection of communal farmers who normally harvest small amounts of cash and food crops. The specific reason that the chilli pepper was targeted as a cash crop was two fold; 1) the pepper is a highly adaptable plant which can grow under conditions other cash crop cannot and 2) the complex chemicals that make peppers hot make them unpalatable to mammal pests. One of the main constraints on agricultural in the Zambezi Valley is crop raiding by elephants, buffalos and a variety of primates.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nuru Light

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We are a social enterprise that sought to provide an affordable and clean off-grid lighting system for the world’s poor. So, we created the Nuru Light, the most affordable and efficient lighting system in the world.

Kina Klothing

Mkuki Bgoya is a Tanzanian designer and owner of Kina Klothing. Kina Klothing is an exciting East African apparel brand that is internationally recognized.
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