Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uganda Medicinal Plants Growers

From Site:

Uganda Medicinal Plant Growers, Ltd. (UMPG) is a project started and incubated under Project Diaspora as an example of Diaspora-led projects that can impact entire communities.

Project UMPG is a large commercial farmining initiative based in Masindi, Uganda designed to transform over 1500 susbsistence farmers to commercial farmers. Project UMPG’s goal is to create markets for crops such as moringa, chili peppers, neem and aloe vera. In order to increase farmer daily earnings by broadening their market reach. Project Diaspora role involves crop selection, agricultural training, product development, supply chain management and international marketing. UMPG has attracted customers and partners in South Africa, Canada and USA.

Targetting Africa: The case for investment

AFRICA that u dont see on t.v

Alive & Kicking - Made in Africa, by Africa, for Africa

Alive & Kicking - Made in Africa, by Africa, for Africa

From Site:

Vision: Alive & Kicking's vision is of an Africa where every child can play with a real ball, where thousands of jobs are sustained in the production of balls, and where sport contributes to the eradication of deadly disease.

Approach: Alive & Kicking believes that by combining social entrepreneurship with sport's mass appeal, lasting economic and social development can be achieved in Africa.

Mission: Alive & Kicking strives to help children exercise their right to play, to create employment for communities in Africa and to help raise awareness of preventable disease. This will continue to be achieved through the African manufacture and distribution of sports balls and the provision of appropriate health awareness materials for young people.

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