Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gateway Cyber City: All set to break ground in Accra

Yaw Owusu has been working on building a technology and business incubator in Ghana for the past 4 years. Yaw has hit many roadblocks, but finally he is getting some traction and is in Ghana building the country's first 26-acre business and innovation center.
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Ghana Technology Park Limited has been incorporated in Accra since December 2005. The Company will develop and manage the Ghana Technology Park (GTP), an upscale business and innovation center to

(1) identify and develop early stage technology incubation opportunities
(2) assist client companies to commercialize their products, and
(3) broker contracts between buyers of outsourcing services (based primarily in Europe and North America) and IT and BPO providers stationed at the Park.

Equity partners of the Ghana Technology Park will comprise:
• Africa: Private companies led by Ghana Cyber Group, Inc. (30%)
• Europe: Commonwealth Business Council Technologies and partners (30%)
• USA: Venture capitalists and tech firms with global interest e.g. IBM, Microsoft (40%)

Ghana Technology Park will offer the following:
(i) Hardware & Business Office Rental
(ii) Start-up Incubation
(iii) Outsourcing Brokerage Business and
(iv) Information Technology Support Services.

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