Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wired Magazine - Students Build a Nano For Africa

Photos: Dr. Yasin Naku Ziraba

Eleven Ugandan college students believe they can bring affordable transportation to rural Africa with a home-grown, dirt-cheap car assembled from farm equipment.

The prototype of the "Poor Man’s Car" isn’t much to look at, fashioned as it is from sheet metal, wood seats and a diesel engine pulled from a corn mill, but the design and materials would be refined should the car ever see production. Moses Sebulime and his classmates at Makerere University believe the utilitarian runabout could bring mobility to the masses, much like the Tata Nano.

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  1. Nii, I personally believe if the lecturers in our local Universities should take our the final-year students' project works more seriously, a lot more tropicalised solutions could come out of young Africans. Most of the answers to Africa's problems are in resting on our dusty library shelves and nobody seems to be bothered about it.


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